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    Ok since about 1995 I have had to reply on a city department (vocational rehabilitation) to have a chance to get a job cause mostly how hypocritical ppl can be when it comes to giving someone a fair chance in life.

    I have been relying on these guys, but now a days they are not worth a crap, I was told a month a go that I would hear from them cause they needed to wait so they could fit me in on the scedule for the now required classes.
    Well i waited that month never heard a damn thing.
    So I just called the assholes, now they tell e that I did not fall through the appointment that was on the letter they sent, which I never did receive and they told me they was about to close my case.
    I have to think that they was cutting corners in order to shut my case, so the state would save money.

    Ever sicne my last social worker left to get maagement of the sae department only in another city, that place has been a piece f crap...
    Now that I have finished venting out.

    I was wondering if anyone knew another route I can take to get the same kind of help.
    cause I have to get off this SSi, with the prices now a days in 3 years I am affraid I will not be able to afford to live, so please anyone who would help will be greatly appreciated.