I need some help

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I am new to this site. I have been to other sites like it but never been here.

I need some help i want to kill myself. I dont want to be alive anymore and i cant get that out of my head. I cut my wrists the other day and a few friends saw them. They got mad and said that they beeter not see that again or they were going to to do something aboutit. But what is ther that they can do to stop me. If i dont wnat to be alive i am not going to let them stop me from doing anything. The only thing right now that is keeping me alive is the one true firend i have. He keeps trying to help me but i wont let him. Someone give me some advice before i hurt myself really bad.


Those friends are trying to help but don't understand how to. The things that can help you are:
1. Talking to people about what it is that makes you upset.
2. Time.
3. Life changing experience (I don't believe in this one).
Thanks for the advice

So should i let help. I know what 2 of them have in mind. But as for him i know he got good intentions to help. HE knows everything about me before it happens. I want to let him help but i am not sure its a good idea. What should i do?
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