I need some support before i end up takeing my own life :(

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  1. My other half took his own life last november i just total give up i miss and love him so so much :(
    After he passed away he family were very mean to me and called me murder i did nothing but look after that man and love and protech him!#
    i cant live with out i just miss him and feel i be better of not living!
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    Have you considered counselling at all?

    I was treated like that by my best friends family after he ended it. Apparently I should i took him away from his family and made him do it, I should have stopped him etc. When in actual fact like you I was protecting him from them and fixing damage they'd done.

    It's hard but think of the pain ur feeling now, that would be passed on to all those who love you if you gave up trying

    Stay around and chat, a lot of people here will know what you feel like and offer support. Just keep talking :)
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    MY partner commited suicide 8 years ago and his family blamed me i was pregnant at the time he tried to do it before i met him also by xxx and ended up in hospital i was only with him 5 months and wanted to help thats all he couldnt cope with stressful situations im still in pain
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    How very sad...you know, no matter what someone says, you find the truth within you (not that it makes it any more pleasant)...I am so sorry for your loss and hope you can learn to live productively in his memory...J