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I need some words

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hey, today I am feeling like shit. I stopped taking my meds (I am taking 4 different ones) since I felt it was too much. I feel so tired of living. I just came here today because I needed some words, I need to hear of those of you who are ok.
hey pollo i was just thinking of you, wondering how you were. stopping meds suddenly is never a good idea, it can make you feel a whole lot worse, both physically and emotionally. when i stopped one med they took 4 months to wean me off of it. you should check in with your doctor about stopping, okay.

so, i also wanted to encourage you by telling you that it gets better. you know part of my story, three attempts, multiple hospitalizations. but i'm feeling much better now. i even got some photos accepted into a great art show here in toronto. things are def. looking up. i know they can for you, too.

don't give up! sending a hug, if okay

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