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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by illidan5, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. illidan5

    illidan5 New Member

    I always thought that I was strong, but apparently I am not. I am married with my wife for about three years now. First we had a long distance relationship. She ran away from home she had nobody no friend no family, I was the only person she know and I was always there for her. When we got married I came to her in Sweden, throughout the years that we were together I started feeling lonely because I missed my family and friends I was desperate I was hurt, I was thinking about killing my self and whenever I called my wifes name with a sad tone to try to explain how I feel she just ignored me and she kept talking with her friends in facebook instead. And that hurts even more, because when she was alone I was there for her 24/7 I talked to her listen to her but when I needed her she ignored me totally. Now she is trying to leave me, but she says that she cares for me. I try to talk to my friend but they don't understand how I feel, and if I tell them that I am about to kill my self they just judge me... I really need someone to talk to someone who can understand and not judge. I hate being a human with feelings :(
  2. Unknown_111

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    Welcome to the forum and SF family. I am sasdened that YOU think you arson your own. You moved away to be with your wife, is there any chance of a reconciliation between you both. Have you suggested relationship therapy where you both can it out and found some common ground.

    Is there a reason for her leaving now? Have you asked her outright for an explaniation? Perhaps if you go back home for a break to see your friends and family who love to see you. They would be supportive of you no doubt but they might pass judgement which would be expected. People can be critical without knowing that you are truly hurting.

    Perhaps you wife is trying to get you attention for something. Perhaps if you ask if you both went for an mini break to spent sometime together then perhaps that help you in some the reconciliation process.

    I understand you are hurting but you are no longer alone my friend as we care about and WOULD NEVER, I MEAN NEVER , PASS ANY JUDGEMENT TO YOU. You should to talk to others in the chat room and you will get a lot of support in this tough period of your life.

    Please keep posting as YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US. Just think somewhere in the world cares about YOU my friend. Let the tears roll down from your eyes as it will help to release the hurt YOU feel my friend. It's ok to cry as it does help in the self-healing process.

  3. illidan5

    illidan5 New Member

    Thank you very much for your kind words, I cried... after 10 years or more without crying. And there is no hope of us coming back together, but gut tells me its for the best... I don't know I just want to talk about this it makes me feel relived.
  4. PhoenixFailed

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    I am glad you found us, but not glad for what brought you here. You can say everything you feel here without being judged. You matter and I am sorry you are hurting after moving so far away to help your wife. I too moved a long distance to be with my boyfriend, but I miss my support system. I know people at work, but have not yet found a person I can call up and talk through a hard time. I know that loneliness and am sorry your wife is adding to it right now.

    Please keep posting and let us be your "everywhere" friends as you go through this tough time. We care. We are here.
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