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  1. I am male. I have a daughter, 5 months and a son 2 years old, i am almost 24 but recently i am involved in some legal trouble. I was drugged and i made advances towards my roomate without my knowledge. My wife has left me and won't let me see my children. I have been abused, neglected and bullied in my younger years and all that has been over, even though i have ptsd i have pulled through. I have basically half assed suicide attempts in the past hoping they would work knowing well they wouldn't for the sake of my family. but i feel now i have no guilt. these past 5 months raising my new daughter were the best, as torturous as she was i have never been happier. It's hard to explain but people say it always gets better and it's just the biggest load i have ever heard. Even as happy as i was i always thought it would be better if i was not here, as if i were not meant to be here, born in the wrong time, what have you. My daughters name is clementine, i've never seen anything as beautiful. I've made my mind up. My closure is written. I never want anyone to have these feelings, this emptiness but in a few minutes...the one thing i have wanted is children and now they're gone. Not because they're taken away but because of marital issues. these are ones that cannot be solved and i refuse to be the guy they see every other weekend.
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    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this difficult time. Know we are always here.

    Are you seeing someone professionally to help you through this difficult time?

    Please don't give up. Hugs
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    Hi there Robert, I am sorry you are going through such distress right now, it must be hell :( Can you apply for partial custody of the children? I know you love them very much and want to be with them, try and get as much time with them as possible? Is it possible to talk to your wife about this at all, tell her you have no memory of the advances? Good luck to you Robert and please do keep us updated.
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    2 options; either you learn to just stay happy without them. Ik it's hard. But that's life. Or you could meet up with your wife, resolve your issues if not just for the sake for your children. I'm pretty sure they don't like this divided parents. Think thoroughly.
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    I fear I might be going through the same thing soon. No kids. But my husband seems to have all but given up. I say you fight for your family and kids.
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