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I need support

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I'm on maximum dosage Zoloft. I've just felt...shitty. All day. I'm so sad right now and I don't have a reason why...I guess that's depression for you. I'm crying at nothing and everything, I can't do anything. Anything. I feel guilty about trying to use the chat feature because other people have problems too, other people need it more...but I'm so lonely, I feel unloved (and at the same time, loved?) Nothing makes sense. I could really use some help tonight.

EDIT: Have used chat, not feeling guilty ;)
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I would be more than happy to talk with you.

I find myself wanting to talk about my problems a lot because they're real to me and I feel most other people don't understand. I've really become an angry, bitter person. Underneath all that I am so lonely.

I bottled up my feelings for years because at the time I thought I needed to to survive and it has given me so much heartache. I really want someone to hold me.

Antidepressants never worked for me but I believe they do help some people. I'm being so emotional right now. I hope I'm not depressing you.
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