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I need ten reasons not to do this

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I feel like I need to starve myself to look okay. I constantly get teased because of the way I look. I just need persuasion. Help?


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firstly *giant hug*
Starving yourself long term gives you brittle bones loose teeth hair loss bleeding gums bad breath poor circulation puts your heart under strain impairs liver function thickens the blood dehydrates your skin slows down cognitive function makes you miserable gives you poor nail growth leaves your hair brittle causes stomach and intestine problems high/low blood pressure ..these are but to name a few. Please try not to starve yourself..is there no one close to you that you can open up to ? My pm box is always open xx


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4th: you could end up in hospital either voluntarily or section. i went voluntarily, to maintain some control. you dont want to go to hospital.
10:Time is relative.

You matter as a matter of fact.

You will never stop mattering,you never stopped mattering in the first place and at this moment in time all matter only contains any relevance because you matter.

It's true. :)


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do you feel the need to starve yourself because people tease you or do you feel the need because of what you independently think?
as others have said the health issues and nasty and the chances are you will actually put on weight after a while. please dont starve yourself


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1. the sunrise (still one of the greatest daily miracles)
2. your favorite band (amazing how they know how you feel when they haven't met you)
3. your favorite show (you need to know what happends to your favorite character)
4. one friend (everyone has one friend, one person in the world who gives a damn they exist)
5. your enemy (who will make their lives miserable?)
6. transformers 3 or other movies you wanted to see (they only show that here on earth)
7. Dogs, cats and other pets (their love is the purest form)
8. the possibility that things will get better. it is possible but you will never know if it will unless you stick around.
9. you owe it to yourself. no one else will love yourself the way you would. if you don't love yourself enough, don't expect anyone else will love you half as much. and when you can't even bear with yourself, how can others?
10. this one person. somewhere sometime in the future, you will meet someone who will need help. like you, that person will have no one else to turn to. no one else. and only you can help that person. if you end it all, you are not just ending your life but the hope of that other person too,
If you feel overweight, starving yourself is not the way to do it. Your stomach will just hold on to all the food it gets. If you sincerely think that you should lose weight, try excersizing and eating healthier. I was going through a similar problem. My one piece of advice: Don't think you'll see results right away. If you think that, you're more likely to give up. Just work hard at it, and when you see results, the feeling is amazing. Good luck :)


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Anyone can give you 10 reasons, 30 reason, 100 reasons not to starve yourself, but you really only need one really good one to cast away thoughts of starving yourself. Here's two for you: anorexia and bullemia. Think about what the LONG term effects of those illnesses do to you, not only physically but emotionally.
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