I need testing of all sorts and scans asap!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by stealth, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. stealth

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    the confusion and depression im feeling right now is not brought upon outlook on life or attitude. There is something seriously wrong with my brain or nervous system, and it seems like nobody can ever figure out what it is...............the symptoms im experiencing right now are hot/cold flashes weird sensations throughout my body, sometimes severe sweating, and i literally feel like my head is too tight. This is something that always seems to happen to me, and eventually goes away and then comes back again........I dont know if its a neurological problem,nervous system, SAD, or even brain allergies:rant:but I know its something outside of my control, and I'm willing to do every test, and visit every kind of doctor in order to figure out what the hell is wrong with me...............anyway, I just took an EEG test at my neurologists office, and I'm going to get the results today.
    However, Im very skeptical that the EEG test is going to show them anything that is going to help me get rid of this problem because EEG only shows the electrical activity of various parts of the brain. Im convinced that I need an MRI or CT scan because I truely believe that whatever is causing me to feel this way is something physical. Well i dont know, Im going to take this one step at a time, and try not to give up because this is happening to me for a reason beyond my knowledge or comprehension and whatever it is will be good for me in the end. I feel like GOD is challenging my patience and strength right now just to see how long I can take this. This I know for a fact. Whatever is wrong I will find out eventually, whether it is I'm alive or dead................everything happens for a reason, and Im going to figure out the reason for this one, because this stuff is just crazy. anyway ill follow up later tonight with the EEG results. Maybe they found something in it that will help me. Anyway I'll catch up with the rest of you guys later............just dont give up and hold onto that hope................its there for a reason and will lead us to an answer! We just need to stay strong ..........later:showoff:
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    Sometimes I feel like that with god as well.
    I pray they find what is wrong.

    I hate being physically incapable or pained. The pain doesnt bother me, its just knowing something is wrong with me outside of my control. I feel for you.
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