I need to cry

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Ria0331, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Ria0331

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    Have you ever had a time when you needed to cry but couldn't? Well that's what I'm dealing with. I have all this emotion hurried, but I can't physically let it out. So since I can't cry, I have resorted to trying to release my emotions other ways. I have applied pressure to my skin with a sharp object not breaking the skin, but it shows a mark. I have been over consumed with suicide. Meaning researching it, reading stories, debating on whether to make an attempt. I talked to an online crisis worker hopefully getting advice on weather or not to goto the hospital, but because I could promise to stay safe at home he said its my decision. So that was pointless. I'm taking my meds and going to my counsler, but my few of abandonment causes me to not fully open up to her.

    I feel as if I can let go and cry, it will let my emotions come out and maybe that will help, but I can't cry. I have tried listening to sad music, thinking of sad things, telling myself its ok to let go and cry and inflicted pain safely meaning no blood or damaged was caused.


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    Sending you love and hugs!

    I know how you feel, I have been there too.

    It sounds very simple but I just wanted to remind you that it is okay not to be okay, everybody feels like this sometimes and I promise that it WILL pass eventually, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.
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