I need to find a way...

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    I don't want to live for another sunrise. Not for one more day of lying through my teeth and then bleeding out my secrets at night. I just want the end, but my brothers hold me back. As miserable as I am, they need me. To protect them, love them, and guide them. If I'm gone no one'll be left. But how can I help them if I can't help myself? How can I be their everything if I can't pull my shattered self back together enough to just cut away the pain? I need help, for their sakes.
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    Welcome to the forum. You are no longer alone as we care about anyone hurting. You are among others here who understand what you going through. Take your time and tell us you pain.

    Have spoken to someone about your feelings or are you taking any medication? I sorry to sound horrible but you are young and very vunberable. I know you are hurting and sense that you cry in the way you have written your passage. It's ok to cry as it does help to release the pain.