I need to get her back-any ideas?

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    Ok so I'm a bisexual girl and I happen to be in love with this other girl.I know a lot of people say they're in love and aren't, but I really am, I know it.
    Anyway, we wern't going out at the time, but we've done stuff and there's a real connection between us.We were also like best friends as well.We'd had a big fallout a few months before but we were ok.
    Anyway, 3 weeks ago me and this girl and some others went into town and got a bit drunk.Her mum came and picked her up and left the rest of us in town.So later I found out this girl had to go to hospital to get her stomach pumped because she drank so much.I was so so worried about her and I found out 2 days later from her that she was ok and she was fine with me then.
    However, this girls mum is blaming me for the whole thing, even though I wasnt the one who asked for the booze and I wasnt the one who bought it.In fact, the people who bought it asked for it didnt get blamed at all which I thought was really unfair.And Im also now banned from seeing this girl.I noticed the other day that she deleted me off myspace and msn(yeah it doesnt sound a lot but i have no way to contact her now as her mum checks her phone) and I havnt spoken to her since the day I asked her if she was ok.

    I have no idea what to do, and Im afraid we might never be friends again.Anyone know what to do?
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    I suppose you could talk to her mum, and if that doesn't work you could try emailing her.
    like not on msn.