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i need to get serious

I’m a 20yearold male, I like to think I’m quite good looking, I’m probably one of the nicest guys I know and my family is quite well off...oh yeah I’m also a virgin and I’ve never been in a serious relationship

I’m in a relationship currently with a girl 3 years younger than me, but it’s far from serious. I’ve been bumped and cheated on twice by her and have taken her back. were just getting back together now as much as I feel this is pointless I feel it’s better than nothing and I honestly do love her. Even though i know and have been told i can do better

All I want more than anything is to be in a serious relationship, but I have such a hard time meeting girls because of my anxiety. Don’t get me wrong I have lots of female friends...now that I think of it all my friends are girls. But that’s sort of where the problem is, I always end up just being there friends even if i know they like me, I’m to scared of my sexual inexperience to “make a move” as time goes on its only getting worse

help?comments?suggestions? anything?


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You are gonna hate me for this, but do you want a relationship or just to lose your virginity.
Radical thought here, but how about having a real relationship.
The girlfriend sounds way too young to be in a serious relationship, thats probably why she cheats.
Step back for a while, really think about what you want from a relationship (besides getting laid).
It maybe one of your friends is the person you are looking for.
I know my first great love started out as my friend, then one day it just clicked and FIREWORKS!!!
Twenty is still very young, you have oodles of time.
As to making the first move, asking someone out can be a huge step but once you've done it it will be easier the next time. Anything more than that....well I once dated a guy that shook my hand at the door after every date...after three months I got so fed up I kissed him good night....we never looked back :laugh:
No, this isn’t really about getting laid or losing my virginity if I wanted to do that so bad I would have already done it i think, A real relationship is what i want...hence me saying “ll I want more than anything is to be in a serious relationship”
I Agree she is young for a serious relationship but at the same time ive already told myself this many times and nothing had changed I really like her its tough

As for what I really want in a relationship...I know what I want, getting laid is not one of my first thoughts although its certainly there..its someone who is good at Xbox! Haha jk it’s actually someone who can have meaningful intellectual conversation...there is nothing worse than talking to a brick wall

Oh geez 20 is old!!!!!! I just feel like im so far behind everyone and i need to start getting serious with my relationship choices.

Haha oh geez shaking your hand after every date! That’s awkward thank goodness I’m not that bad lol


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OMG what I wouldnt give to be 20...old indeed :laugh:
Wait till you hit 50 then you'll have something to really feel old about :laugh:

Seriously, you have all the time in the world and so many fish in that there sea.
Just think of the fun it's going to be looking for and finding that special someone. So many girls....so little time :laugh:

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