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I need to get the hell away from here.


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My school will be sending me around $1500 every 3 months, starting the second week of August, until June 2021. I really need to find somewhere I can stay with that money. I don't have a job at this time; I'm enrolled in school, and that money is all I'm going to have. I have to get away from my husband, there's no getting around it. He's a complete fucking psycho. And if I don't take the money and run, he's going to take it all from me and continue to control, manipulate, and threaten me. Police aren't an option because he'd get out eventually and then I'd really be fucked. I just need to get away, but I don't know how. Do I try to get a stranger as a roommate? I can't get my own efficiency apartment in my name or anything because my credit is fucked. So it's either live with someone else and split the rent, or...well, seems like that's about it. I need suggestions. I can't live like this anymore.


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Hi Aurelia I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this, he sounds like a manipulator :(
I think your best bet is to maybe try getting a place with a different person or maybe try getting into a shelter or a refuge. I’m pretty sure there’s places that will help. My inbox is always open for you if you ever need someone to vent too *hug sending you lots and lots of hugs and love


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I'm not going do a shelter, that's not an option.
That’s totally understandable as I wouldn’t personally wanna go to one either. My cousin had to go to a refuge when her partner broke into her flat and stole their daughters birth certificate :? Maybe somewhere like that? Anything is better than living with him right? As I said my inbox is always open *hug


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I think you've said before you get welfare or food stamps - do you have a government caseworker for that? You might ask them if they know of any options. I know low income housing usually has a long waiting list, but it's worth at least asking.

And I also second @WildCherry, there may be an organization who can help. It might not involve a shelter. There might be some kind of help with placement in new housing or something.
You might want to contact www.thehotline.org. They might have advice about getting away from your husband and finding suitable housing.

Calling 211 might be another option. They wouldn't necessarily have the answers to issues of finding the right roommate, etc., but helping people get housing is one of the things they specialize in.

In principle, your school might have a dorms, which if you are eligible for and can tolerate, would free you from having to find a roommate (having dog in the dorm might be an issue, but there may be exceptions). There may also be a student housing office at your school that could be helpful.

Some schools have "dorm nannies" or something similar, where you get an apartment within a student housing complex in exchange for watching over the undergraduates. Could be worth the trouble or more trouble than it's worth, depending.

Sometimes there are elderly or disabled people who need someone to provide some level of in-home support so that they can stay in their homes. If you can find someone who doesn't need that much assistance, that might be a good match.

P.S. It goes without saying that where ever you go, you'll also need to have a good plan to make sure your husband doesn't come around. This is where the domestic violence and abuse people might be especially helpful.
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Okay, guys...no more advice please. I appreciate the effort, but none of it is actually something I'm willing/able to do. Just going to have to figure it out on my own. Or not.

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