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I need to go....

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Im sorry Jessy and Josh for being a bad mom...

Im sorry Andrew for not being able to save you when you were still inside of me...and not having the guts to scream at the doctors to do something to save you...

Im sorry Sara...You will be better off without me....you have your daddy and he loves you very very much...

Im sorry Robert for not being a good wife...

Im sorry God for not being a good Christian...

Im sorry........


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One of the worst kinds of moms you could be is the one that isn't there for your children. I hope you'll stay in their life.


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hi and I am so sorry things are so rough for you now...please try to share with us what is going on...if you wish, please PM me so that you will know you are not alone...stay safe and know there are ppl here who can understand the pain you are going through...big hugs, Jackie


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I agree with Allo.

Please don't hurt yourself, there's always someone on here that will chat with you.

{{{hugs}}} to you x
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