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    ok look for a while i was really heavy on pills i took them everyday for about a month just differnt ones oneday maybe oxy the next vicodin, just really whatever i could get my hands on. but i been clean since friday and i really just cant take it anymore and after all this s**t that happend yesterday i really need some more. but i cant afford to buy them. at one point i was spending $15 a pill. so i cant afford getting them that way i just need to know seriosly like how to get more or somethiing
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    Ello there.

    I think you should go and explain this to your doctor.

    I know things get you down.
    I myself have been feeling rather low has of late. But you know taking anything only makes the pain go away for a short time. Then you wake up the next day and still have all the same troubles and problems in life to just being a little less well of financially has well.

    Its a bit like myself. I sometimes get drunk just to try and numb the feeling of being alone. Well its not just a feeling. I do go days with out even unlocking my front door. I live alone. Sometimes that's not easy. but when I have drank cos of feeling low it never makes it better. In fact it normally makes it worse.