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  1. nezumiceplak

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    What it would be like to suffer a miscarriage early on in a pregnancy, sort of 8 weeks or less.
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    both me and my now ex girlfriend have been through a misscarriage and an abortion, now im not sure if you've had an abortion or if you think you'll go through one but the only thing i can say is the truth, it's a horrible feeling, it's like losing a part of you (I am a man remember os i dont know the physical pain). As long as you've got someone to hold your hand and make you laugh (Partner, Family etc.) you'll be fine :biggrin:
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    the physical pain being a separate issue - it can be very painful. for sure. . if a person is having a miscarriage, they need immediate medical attention. it cannot be safely attended to - alone. at home, etc. it requires some level of hospitalization.

    emotionally - - - - not sure. but. i do believe miscarriage can cause a great deal of emotional pain. and some others may not understand it, it can get shoved aside, etc. but needs to be dealt with - otherwise serious problems can arise later. xxxx
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    I had a miscarriage when I was 14. I don't like talking about it publicly. PM me sweetie :hug: