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I need to let it out

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I loved you when no one would.
I took on your son as my own when his real dad faked his own
death to get away from you.
I worked two jobs and still did all the housework because you said
you loved me.
I bought you beautiful jewelry and nice things because you said you
loved me.
I respected you despite knowing your past,i gave you my heart.
I never hurt you,I never once even raised my voice to you.
I held you when we had all those miscarriages,i cried with you.
When you were hurt and needed surgery i bathed and fed you
i dressed you.
When you went through all your female problems i understood when
you couldn't make love to me.
I was never unfaithful,never cheated..

But you threw it all away..for what some sorry no good excuse for
a man just because you could.

And yet i still love you,i still wear my ring,i still come to your beck
and call without question..why?

Why? you'll never understand.
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