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Practical Advice I Need to Sell a Car

...in Massachusetts. It's due for inspection and registration renewal at the end of the month, so if I don't get it sold by then, I'll have to cancel the insurance, etc. Canceling might be a problem if someone wants to take the car for a test drive. Due for an oil change too, but only by time, not miles.

In principle, it's a thing I could just do if I read up about the details of selling, and got the motivation to go through the steps, but I'm procrastinating with this.


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depending on the rules in your state it shouldn't be a problem. how much effort you put into this depends on how much the car is worth. for example if you check and it will cost $400 for a sticker and the car is only worth $1000 then sell it fast for what you can get for it. if the car is worth 10k then put the money into it for the sticker. i would put it on craigslist immediately and set your price to kelly blue book according to condition. obviously go by private party. and maybe go 5% over that price so you can knock 10 % off if you have to and not lose too much...mike...*hug*shake

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