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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by lch, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. lch

    lch New Member

    I don't know what's happening to me. I've hit rock bottom again but I'm not back to normal yet. Normally it only lasts a few hours but this has been over 24 hours now. I don't know what to do and I don't want to do anything stupid.
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    hi. I am sorry you are in pain. I know all too well what horrible pain feels like. Do you think you would like to go to chat here? Or call a crisis line? Please do not do anything that will cause harm to you. Okay? Can you talk about whats going on? Sometimes people are able to write specifics about whats happening. What has caused the pain. Other people just do not want to talk about it. If you do, please feel free to talk about it in this community. People care.

    The most important thing is to call a crisis line if you need to. So many people here have done it. Including myself. I hope you will do that if you need to. Please take good care of you. And you did great posting. Please continue.
  3. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    Flowers has said it all. Can only add Hello.
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I think that you could go to a hospital if you feel like you are unable to hang on. some of the stuff in my sig might help. also, just staying here, talking things through with us might help. hope that things can get better soon! :hugs:
  5. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Go and see a therapist as soon as possible.
    If It's actually something that goes away than try to sleep and may It'll go away when you wake up. If not go and definitely see a therapist!

    Anyways,Hello and Welcome to this forum.
  6. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Hoping you're okay...?
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