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    Recently, I was kicked out of my home and I've been living with my friend since. I know he finds me attractive, but he's fully aware that I'm gay and not into men. But he just keeps making passes at me, saying that he's up for it if I ever want to have sex. He's also mentioned his foot fetish and how he wants pictures of my feet for the express reason of masturbation. There's been times I wake up and pretend to still be asleep because I can feel him move my blanket trying to take pictures of them.

    I can't say anything, he's my only friend and honestly, I have nowhere else to go.

    I'm stressed, depressed and suicidal. I feel like I should've just killed myself before I was kicked out.
  2. Petal

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    Hi there, could you not make it up with your parents or whomever threw you out? What he is doing is not OK and maybe he is taking advantage because he knows you have nowhere else to go? I'd rather be on the streets or in a hostel that put up with that. I'd try and get back into your home if that's at all possible. Please tell us more about your situation! Also, do you have any feelings for this guy?
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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation

    Is there any way you can get back in your home? Or find some other form of housing?
    It sounds like he is taking advantage of the situation and that is not okay!

    Please do not hurt yourself over this situation, get help rather. You deserve respect and to take care of you!
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    If I were you I'd look at dating sites like Eharmony or something like that and try to find someone who can get you out of your situation. Go to a church and tell people that you have no safe place to stay, someone will take you in.