I need to vent!!!!

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    Ok so i have this homeless friend called leigh and i let her stay at mine the other day cause she had no were to go, she has a twin sister called toni and they had,had an argument so she was sat in my house winging about her sister calling her worse than shit to me and i made one comment that her sisters house smells which i have already told her sister but its damp in the floor boards which she cant help and ive also already told her that, anyway so leight went back to toni and said i was saying her house smells like shit and it knocks me sick which i didnt say at all, so told toni what i had said and then i sid i bet you leigh didnt tell you what she was saying then i lfet it at that becacuse im not a shit stirer then leigh carried on making shit up so i told toni what leigh said her about her,then naturally she denied it point blank!! so i told leigh to not come anywere near me and she was not welcome in my house. Then tonight i got a txt saying leigh has had a drink and cant stop at toni's so i said no chance and then i got a txt saying i have been saying shit about toni;s boyfriend and that were all backstabbing basterd so i had to let her stay i mean ffs im 22 not 12 i dont have time for there childish games and i am so so annoyed that they are going on llike this with me i have done so much for them they are 3 years younger than me!!! i seriously need to scream i do not need immature people like that in my life i am so annoyed!!!!