I need to weep! (venting)

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    I have been feeling so desperate lately. Thinking that my life is meaningless. I suffer from severe apathy. I am very low on emotions and it is bothering myself and others. I became mentally ill since 2006 and it was very worse when it first started. Pupils were unfamiliar with my illness, I was appearing to look sad/unhappy/grumpy/angry and it frustrated them. Since that time, I rarely get happy. I can't be happy when every time I go out, people show an unhappy facial expression. They look as if I make them feel uncomfortable with my appearance. Drivers start speeding up as the speed of a racing car from the moment they see me. All these reactions of people make me feel bad. I feel like people don't like me. I feel like people can't stand the way I look. People are so intolerant. I just need something to weep it all out, then I will feel relieved.
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    The empty apathy really does suck... sorry you're going through that, not much i can suggest to help other than find anything that makes you feel.. anything... a comedian that makes you smirk or friends you can do things with.. keep busy

    It's a shame so many people avoid you like that.. I used to feel very much that way, still do a lot.. everytime someone laughed I assumed they were laughing at me, but then i figured that they probably weren't even paying attention to me and it was all my imagination.. maybe you're seeing it through whatever the opposite of rose tinted glasses are? :unsure:

    Sorry again.. hope you find... something...