I need you......

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Animosity, Dec 30, 2010.

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    :cry: almost 10 months ago. I lost the woman who raised me. My grandma took the place of my mom. she was mom and she was grandma. She chose her death in the hospital.. She wished for me to be there...I held her hand all the way through the process.... I need her.

    I need her to come back. Right now. Please. :cry:

    Grandma, come home....please.. I need you..I need you..right now..You promised you would never leave me...you promised you would always be here...but youre not...you wont ever be again..I need you.. :cry:
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    Your Grandma is still in your mind and heartt and will remain there I'm sure she doesn't want to see you being hurt, I know it's a extremerly tough month with Christmas just gone ad a new beginning, please hold on, send you lodes of hugs, thinking about you. If you ever need anyone to taalk to feel fre to PM me, I would love to talk :)
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    not only Christmas and new years, but her birthday is the 3rd. :( I just wish she were here. she was the best parent ever. I couldn't have ever asked for any better..my mom's doing such a terrible, terrible job with us right now, and it's so hard to deal with. My grandma will always be my role model for parenting. I love her so much.. :(