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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by coder90t, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. coder90t

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    I've had one friend commit suicide, and tomorrow one of my friends is planning on doing it. I need some more words to say. Please, help. This is what he wrote:

    "Hey tim. I want you to forgive me for what i'm going to do. I know we have been friends for a long time, but i cant take it any longer. My mom is just a religious nutjob that hates me for everything. She thinks its good to yell at me when she finds out i cut. My dad is a drunk abusive piece of crap. Then, everyone at school thinks i'm a fag because they all know that I was raped by over 6 different guys. And i hate daylin. He raped me again this week. I don't understand why i am so weak.
    I can never be strong enough to fight off anyone. I'm to afraid. So i hold the blade and cut deep. So here i am with a gun, where at 2:45 pm at school, i will go to the bathroom and shoot my brains out onto the floor. I'm finally going to end it all. I'm sure you'll understand.
  2. jane doe

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    Omg i don´t know why anybody answered to your post before. Hun this friend of yours has been trhou a lot and needs support, tell him/her that you´re there to fight along him/her, that you will hold him if he falls,that you will be there for him as you were untill now, but to not let you alone in this world. Sadly sometimes words aren´t enough, why don´t you try to stop him/her? show him/her a whole new world where she/he can improve , to get out of that place, hug her/him and cry if you feel like doing it. Tell whatever it comes to your mind, or from your heart^^
  3. *dilligaf*

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    your friend needs your support, i agree.

    all i can suggest is talking to him...
  4. coder90t

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    Yea i went over his house today and tried to talk him out of it for about 4 hours. Then i had to go home. So he didn't try it today, and i have been talking to him on aim ever since i've gotten home after talking to him, so im just trying to keep him know that he has someone there to talk to. I just hope he doesn't do it.
  5. jane doe

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    well done coder, make your friend feel listened and cared, may be that`s all your friend needs^^
  6. Xistence

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    Yes, make sure your friend knows that you really care. Be there for him. I wish I knew more to say.
  7. nicesinging1

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    Please remind him what he will miss out by ending his life so early. I truly sympathize him with going through very tough situations. But there is a way out. He needs to seek help at school through counselor and/or through pastor on how to make his life as smooth as possible.
    Tell him to be constantly motivated about his ambition/goals/future. Tell him to keep working hard so he can have great future like having a successful job, marrying a woman he loves, raising offsprings and living in comfortable home. Please tell him not to miss out on those.