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I never leave my house

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I never leave my house but on very rare occasions. (like if I have to go voting or so)

I stay home 24/7 since a few months and do nothing but procrastination all day long. I don't go to school anymore and don't have a job. I sometimes see some "so-called" friend every 2 months or so but that's it.

Anyone else in the same situation?
I was in exactly the same situation for several years until I started therapy this month.

The first few years were great and flew by but the last year or so I started to get really depressed.
That's good! What therapy is it? And so you go out more often now? :)
We do all kinds of stuff in therapy, it's 7h a day, 4 days a week. We do stuff like social skills training, group therapy, psycho-information, cognitive training, gym, arts, workpoints (=trying to improve your life by taking small steps each week) etc.

It's also good because you meet people with similar problems. I've found out from other people about organisations that give educations (like autocad) to people with psychological problems and organisations that organise events for people with few social contacts etc.


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I didn't find any recent posts on this but I've been noticing that I never want to leave. I'm so comfortable at this computer and on places like this forum that I'd rather be here than anywhere else.


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More or less in the same situation, don't go out just think and day dream about getting out of this hell or make suicide plans. Feel completely lost in this place, when I do go out it's normaly to a therapy session on a wednessday. I'm supposed to be going to a gardening group and a music group but so far missed them, because I'm too paranoid about what's going to happen to me when I'm outside. Or I might come accross someone I know or something. I think actually staying in is even worse for anxiety, the longer you don't go the harder it is to go out the next time. Sort of damed if you do and damed if you don't.
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