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Empathy Only I never used to be this way


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I never used to be this way.
I was popular, I had a lot of friends.
Then I met him.
First say bye bye to my male friends, then say bye bye to my female friends.
Do not talk to anybody. Male, female, family, the man across the street.
No talking to online friends. No making friends. No moving on.
I said do not talk to anybody!
Fine. I won't. 5 years pass and I've only been talking to you. I've pushed everyone away, including family.

I've forgotten how to socialise.
So, I talk to myself.

& if it helps me with my mental health then there's no harm in doing so.

Lady Wolfshead

"Don't fear mistakes. There are none." Miles Davis
Bad relationships are isolating. It's really important to reach out to a domestic abuse hotline and there are live support groups. I've been there. Glad you are here. Is your avatar a drawing of yours? Would love to hear what it is - the seated figure in the cage looks male.

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