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  1. LSD

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    i always feel totally out.. ALWAYS
    .. and the funny part is when people are starting to accept me.... well people as 4-6 peps.---
    i start to push them away.. idk whyyyy i do it...--- i can't stop my self from doing it.. its an unconcious thing ..--
    proly i just want that they keep following me.. and see if they REALLy care for me..

    see if they are able to leave me behind.. and tada.. they are able to lol


    its funny.. but at least i'm lucky that my current bf.. even i push him away... he keeps try to follow me no matter what.. proly thats the main reason i love him.. he is always there.. even i threat him pretty badly..

    i'm such a bad person
  2. LSD

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    i always feel like i just don't fit in this world
    thiis feeling is seriusly hurting today...

    it hurts
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    Sometimes, when we're at our lowests, we push away those we need the most (often merely to see if they'll return).

    I understand. I hope you feel better soon. PM me if you ever need to chat.

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  5. LSD

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    thankies.. seriusly.. thanks for your replies.. i feel less ignored x)

    *hug back* x3
  6. "Testing" people seems like a good thing when we are in doubt, and yeah, it can give a measure of satisfaction...but in the end, it's not realistic when we constantly expect others to prove themselves. Be there for them as they are there for you. No guarantees of anything in this life - but the best we all can do is to try...