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I overdosed last night

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last night i overdosed. me and my fiance broke up. and i just lost my will to live. So, i took...I dont even know how much i took.
I took....< mod edit Hazel: method > I was talking to my ex-fiance (at the time), and the world was starting to spin (i was on the phone with her), and then when i told her that she asked me why and i told her how many pills i had taken. she called 911 after i got off the phone with her, and the ambulance showed up at my house. It was so freaking stupid. I didnt want to be saved, and yet, there they were, trying to save me. they made me drink charcoal and it was so freaking stupid. I had to stay at the ER for HOURS and then they had to do blood tests, and urine tests. Brittany (my fiance) came to the hospital, and stayed with me, even though we were broken up (we got back together, by the way) and teh doctor was trying to get my Aunt carol, who is my guardian, to send me to a mental institution. luckily, she didnt. because a place like that would only make me worse. I wouldnt be able to see my friends or my family, and that would drive me insane.
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ya, i know what ya mean, charcoal is absolutely disgusting. and gritty. I am just really scared about facing my family...what will they think of me? i dont know. I'm just...honestly...afraid.
I did the same thing a few nites ago, overdoesed on pills and was taken to the ER. i understand y ur embarassed...just remember that not everyone needs to kno, tell people u r comfortable with telling, other than that no1 needs to kno, they cant change it, it will most likely just change their view on u. The easiest way to move on is to keep ur to urself as much as u can.
I hope u feeling better now!
How are things going with your family? i hope they are supportive of you and realize they need to give you some extra support right now. Let us know how you are doing. :hug:
my family is actually pressuring me more and i am getting a whole bunch of crap for it. they are constantly telling me how disappointed they are and how they have to really watch me now. it hurts.
I am sorry they are treating you this way. I was hoping there would be a level of understanding in the aftermath. Well, I hope you know we are here to offer support in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to post here or PM. Take care. :hug:
Tell your family that its not helping them pressuring you like that i mean wtf. I tried overdosing a while ago didnt work the way i wanted it to tho, anyway yer its your life they dont understand what its like or theyd be treating you like a family should if my bro tried suicide i wouldnt feel one bit of disapointment just try and help him through it, just tell them it isnt helping. Anyway hope you feel life is worth living soon if you havnt already. Take care.


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I don't get the not being able to face the family or even caring what they think. You attempted suicide. If you are at that point, does it really matter?
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