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I Pinned All My Hopes and Future on a Shark

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that's what they call sleazy car salesmen. Yet it was, when I was in high school I went to school with the son of the biggest car dealership in the county. Throughout this boy's reign his company is now the biggest in my county and so it was, I turned to what I thought was an old friend for help.

Here's a copy of the email I sent him;


I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I am xxxx, xxxxxxx I went to school with you way back when, at xxxxxxx.

First I wanted just to say hello! Lol

But to be blunt, I really need your guidance and or help in a matter.

I bought a car from you back in 2006 I think. Anyway it's a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Heck I have even parked it in your driveway a couple of times as I have delivered pizzas to you while working my part time gig at Xxxx Xxxxx.

I am not asking for a loan. I can't afford to buy a car right now, and no one would finance me anyway. At least not til the end of the year.

But my wife and I are going thru an extreme rough patch financially right now. And the worst part is that the old Cobalt (we nicknamed her, Emily, lol) is giving me fits. I know for sure of one problem with the front passenger wheel assembly to the frame. It is loose and needs replaced. But it also needs other underneath work as well. I figure somewhere around 500 to 1000 for the repairs.

I drive to xxxxxx and back every weekday for work. Plus the pizza thing on the weekends.

I almost bankrupt the family buying 300 bucks worth of tires for it recently.

What I am asking for is if you could authorize the repair of the car, and allow me the opportunity of paying back the repair bill at $50 to $100 a month, depending on tips etc.

Considering I drive up and down Xxxxx from xxxxx to the mall area of Xxxxxx everyday, I would even let you guys wrap the vehicle with advertising to fray the expense.

But I am in dire need and really need your assistance.

Thanks for reading this,


Bill Xxxxxxxx

How pathetic is that. Well the good nes is, when my passenger wheel falls off, I should die rather quickly. :(

BTW...he never responded.
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I'm sorry... when did you send that email to him? don't you have anybody, relatives whom you can ask those money to?


And just to add insult to inury, my drivers side window crapped out last night. I think the brackets and clips inside the door broke. I have a ghetto car now, with plastic wrap and duct tape. :(


I know some of u who read this will be like wtf? It's only a car. But everything is (no pun intended) riding on this car. My ability to work my 2 jobs is the only thing that is keeping me sane and my family from hitting the streets. Without transportation, I cant work. And if I cant work...

well lets just say, withmy depression and anxiety, ...well to put it another way, I attempted suicide once when my car crapped out on me, that's how big a deal it is.


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I am not really sure what to say, other than you tried. What more can you do friend. You just have to keep trying. Have you thought about securing a loan straight from a bank? You can get smaller loans if you go straight to a bank.


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well letter sounded to desperate, people always act like crap to stuff like this

am just guessing but i think you should have started with bs like.... they i know u, we went together to x and y and wondering how you r doing , how your dog what a nice day lol what did you do in the weekend which reminds me i need to ask you for a favor ....
But yeah guess they did not get so far financially being preoccupied with others


I cant go to the bank to get a loan, as I am currently in payback on a chapter 13 bancruptcy. I had a friend offer to help, but perhaps I scared him off, as I havent heard from that person in awhile now.

Just like me though, I am such a looser.


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I think the email was quite reasonable..
maybe he didn't get the email himself and a secretery may have intervened.
shows you care about your family and want to do the best for them and yourself.
I don't have a solution but keep trying ok..
maybe contact the friend again who offered to help you ..
he may just have had his own issues to deal with and lost touch for a bit.
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