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I pray for success

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I read the posts and I see cry for helps. A lot of talk but very little action. How long will these peoples cycle go on?

My mind is made up. The question is when I will, not whether I will.

I had planned to study really hard for the next couple of months and graduate. Then I would do it.

But I don't think I can do that. I can't continue to fight when I know that my mind is made up on this.

I refuse to keep subjecting myself to this torture.

It's my birthday tomorrow. It would be a fitting day.

I need to think of a way to do this properly. I want this done. I pray I have the courage to try and the fortitude to succeed.


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Sometimes talking about it keeps one from doing it, because that person vented a little. I was thinking of killing myself too on my birthday (recently passed). Lack of materials -_-
That's not the point though. I'm sure someone would notice if you were gone. I probably would, since you post a lot and such.
I have no bearing on your life. It's really up to you.
But I'd rather you think about it a little harder...


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Oh Guy buddy what's wrong mate?don't do it I know how the feeling is and what it does to you.Please care to share about what's making you feel like this or if it's just nothing like it happen's to many of us.
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