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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by asking_advice, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. asking_advice

    asking_advice Well-Known Member

    after my 2 suicide attempts and reading suicide memorial. i realized depression is not cause of problem in physical, social, family, career, or love life because there a lot of people in that site that have those things but still end up in suicide. ignorance, lack of acceptance in a mental illness, stigma, and not asking for help are the reasons why the person kill himself.

    there are no difference between a person who is extrovert and introvert, successful and unsuccessful in career, beautiful and ugly, poor and rich, etc.
    once you have a depression or other mental illness. you feel the same that you are alone and not worth in this world so you will rather die than feel the sadness.

    im not expert but based on my observation this is what i see in suicide. people who are suicidal. please dont afraid to tell your parents, close friends, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, counselor, 911 to help you. you are worth it. :)

    im still suicidal. i want to get rid this feeling. i know i can do it by trying to survive, helping myself, and asking help.

    this messages are from the site i read:

    If you broke your leg, if you sprain your ankle, if you stub your toe, or step on a nail !...

    * You are experiencing the pain in your leg, in a part of your body.
    * You can sit and look at your leg, your ankle, your foot, where it hurts, down there.
    * At a part of your body, and say
    "Ouch, my leg hurts!" - "Ouch, my foot hurts!"
    * But you know it - this exterior part of your body will need a doctor's to x-ray or put on a cast, crutches, ointment, or a tetanus shot and antibiotics - but it will get better.
    * And you are willing to suffer the pain,
    treat the wound,
    and expect it to heal.

    If you had any other disease, illness, or injury

    * you would accept the pain
    * apply a treatment
    * fight for life
    * wait for healing
    * and expect to get well.

    Just like with any illness

    * You may have to suffer for a while longer before you get better.

    Other people will get other diseases. You have this one.
    You must learn this, know this & believe this:

    * Depression is truly an innocent, shameless, blameless, physical disorder that makes you believe that something is wrong with YOU instead of your biochemistry.
    * It is not a mystery anymore. It isn't your fault & you have a physical disorder, imbalance or deficiency.
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  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I do support most of what was said here, but none of us should be passive in how we view our behavior...what I mean is that depression has many stigmas, creating many barriers to successful treatment, but we also have to go out and get the treatment...reminds me of this parable:

    A very religious man was drowning in the water. A large log went by and he did not attempt to get it; a plane flew over head, and he did not attempt to hail it down...he saw a boat less than a half a mile away from him, and he did not signal his distress...the man then said to G-d..."G-d I have been such a pious person; I have followed all of your laws and always loved you...why would you let me drown? G-d replied: "I sent you a log, a plane and a boat...what more do you want?"
  3. asking_advice

    asking_advice Well-Known Member

    nice parable, sometimes we dont see the things in front of us because of depression.

    im atheist.. next time be careful giving parable about god. maybe there are people who react negatively.
  4. jimmy88

    jimmy88 Well-Known Member

    This is great advice for someone who is depressed "but doesn't know why", or someone who broke up with a s/o or lost a job or is lonely. But sometimes the real disease is not the depression but the situation itself... being trapped in a irreversibly broken body/mind further trapped in an soul-draining environment (for instance.)

    I have a real problem with blanket terms like, "its just the disease." No, no its not. If you can't conger up a life situation in your head that is worse than death than "wow." Not attacking the op, just venting on the idea itself which is seemingly shared by the consensus.
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