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i really am far gone

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it was my birthday yesterday and it highlighted for me how much i've been isolating and for how long. no one remembered and why should they.

the crazy thing is that i talked to so many friends yesterday which is both unusual and coincidental and i felt like molly ringwald in sixteen candles.

my mom remebered. except that my mother is crazy and honored the occasion of my birth by giving me 12 dollars and a guide book to jamaica.

party hard.


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Very sad to hear. :(

It's not too late though, it never is too late, to keep fighting. Things do get better.

Please know I'm available to talk any time you would like. <3

total eclipse

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Happy Belated Birthday hun although your friends did not remember at least you go to spend time with them hun Your mom she loves you and did give you a gift that is all that matters You will be moving on with you life in a few years lots of changes are coming hun so hold on okay hugs


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Happy belated birthday! :birthday:

I'm sorry to hear they didn't remember it. :( I'd be upset too if I expected them to know. :hug:
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