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I really do flap my arms and people say its cuz of my autism


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ok I keep wanting to ignore it

I keep. wanting. to ignore. How someone said "No. Stop sending me friend requests over and over again after I unfriended you. You are a creep. I heard it from the others in the [a certain fandom about hamsters.] I have autism too, but I don't flap my arms. I have the good kind of autism!"

It also reminds me of how someone that's a moderator in another place for autism said that I "am a bad example of someone with autism." I messaged them a year later asking if they still feel that way, hoping with all of my heart and soul and mind they would say "WOW I WAS SO RUDE FOR SAYING THAT ONE YEAR AGO TO YOU, I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but they actually said "No. I still agree with what I said a year ago when I banned you from the [certain autism communities.] You ARE a bad example of someone with autism."

but today

I flapped my arms (because of my autism) several times. My shoulders hurt from it. And I did yesterday too and the day before.

They even make fun of me in this [a certain online game] server I used to play on, quoting me saying "I AM FLAPPING MY ARMS AUTISTICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to make fun of me.

I HATE PEOPLE PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH. It even happened TODAY. I went to McDonalds. Made sure to not make eye contact and instead look down towards the floor cuz I know I have no self-worth and am a pathetic person that bothers everyone and can contribute nothing of value to this world (according to internet trolls that made hate art of my character violantely being murdered.) And when I was walking out of McDonalds, the workers there who ALWAYS make fun of me every time that I go to that McDonalds and my mom and aunt know that as well, they said as I was walking out "That creepy looking balding guy was staring at my buttcrack the entire time!!" I WAS NOT looking at anyone's butt. I was looking down towards the floor, making sure I don't look at anyone's face but below the face because I am a huge pathetic loser that doesn't deserve to make eye contact. It reminds me of back in high school, when over 4 times, guys would tell random ladies that I NEVER met before in my entire life that I have a crush on them, just to laugh and have the ladies go up to me and saw "Ewwww, sorry, but I don't like guys like you..."

I DO flap my arms cuz of my autism. I feel bad about people being offended when I type "I AM FLAPPING MY ARMS AUTISTICALLY from you saying such rude things to me!!! OWWW NOW MY SHOULDERS HURT!!! AND I AM STILL FLAPPING MY ARMS AUTISTICALLY!!!!!!!!!!" I used to just say "I flap my arms" but back when I hung out at a community for autistic people, some parents told me that their songs flap their hands/arms too and that it might be because of my autism like they have and I learned about it a bit more.

I hate being a bad person... Someone just told me "Awwww, don't worry, [ShyGuy]!!! Don't worry about them!! Focus on the positive!!" but according to the trolls that harass me online, I don't deserve to focus on the positive and I'm a horrible human being that people should make fun of.

So yeah I don't feel good and stuff. I seriously do flap my arms. I type in caps "I AM FLAPPING MY ARMS AUTISTICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when I get over-whelmed from people online saying negative things to me, and then I make several comments about how it's hurting my shoulders and sometimes even send pictures that show how bruised my shoulders have got from flapping my arms and hands (which I was told is due to my autism) and people just make fun of me.

People get mad at me when I say "I AM SERIOUSLY FLAPPING MY ARMS AUTISTICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and some people actually do/have made fun of me for saying that before. But it's true. I gurantee it's true. I promise it's true. I do flap my arms and hands, which I was informed is because of my autism.

Before that, my older brother sat next to me and said "There's something wrong with your brain." because I have autism. I felt bad when the person with autism said "I have autism too. But a defintion of autism isn't that you 'flap your arms autistically.' The [hamster community] that warned me about you are right. You make me sick. I have autism too, but unlike you, I have the good kind!!" It happened almost a year ago, but I still think about that. I never SAID that was a "definition of someone with autism." I told that person "MY older brother sat next to me and said "There's something wrong with your brain!!!!!!" because I have autism." and the autistic person I talked to (which I thought would connect with me since he has the same thing as me) only responded to that by saying that I "make him sick." and he blocked me... Why!?!?!?!? I told him that my older brother said anyone with autism has Something seriously very wrong with his brain. So why did he respond by saying that I "make him sick" and block me? I was hoping he would be the first person to feel bad that my brother sat next to me when I was very little kid on my bed over 20 years ago and told me that there's "something very wrong with my brain" because I have autism. I thought he'd sympathesize with me and cheer me up for going through that, but instead when I told him that my older brother said anyone with autism such as himself (The guy I was talking to online) has something very seriously wrong with their brain, they got offended and blocked me instead of hugging me and saying he feels so bad that my older brother told me that.

I feel bad when two people online told me that unlike me, they "have the good kind of autism" and I'm "a bad example of someone with autism." I can't really help it at all..


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Hey ShyGuy,

So everyone with autism isn't the same. People have different ticks and things they do, but that doesn't make one person better than the another. Someone trying to indicate that they have a good kind of autism, and somehow imply you have a bad kind is rude. That isn't how the autism spectrum works at all. I have autism and I have my own things.

My brother also has autism. He flaps his hands. If I get supper frustrated I supposed I do flap my arms sometimes, I never really thought about it. Sometimes people are quick to judge what they don't understand. Flapping your arms doesn't make you any less of a person. I have people tell me a lot that something is wrong with my brain. It's hard for other people to understand. I know it's really hard, but sometimes you just have to not listen to what other people are saying about you. Especially when you are describing these people as haters. *brohug


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People are going to make fun of what they don't understand. It's unfortunately a natural human thing. Rather than make fun, they should take the time to understand, be more open-minded. But that's probably never going to happen, which means that, yes, you'll end up having to endure a lot of criticism and rudeness. You can either try to explain it to them, and hope that they understand and stop, or ignore them and accept the fact of why they act the way they do. The latter would be a lot less stressful, honestly.

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