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  1. demuredawn

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    Why do people feel the need to be judgemental of others... none of us are perfect... what makes any of us have the right to sit in judgment of someone else?

    Why do people feel the need to laugh at others, call them names, poke fun at another person's situation...

    What makes anyone feel they are better than the next person??

    Why are people so freaking cruel to others... even if another tries to be kind to them, they just slam it in their face ...

    Someone explain it to me... and why are these behaviors ACCEPTABLE?????
  2. total eclipse

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    The ones that harm do so because it makes them feel like they have some kind of power hun and they themselves at one time have been harmed i think
    It is not acceptable to judge anyone that is no ones place to do
    Do not give the harmer any power over you ok you see them for what they are a bully and let their words go h ugs
  3. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    to all of you that may take offense to this thread.. dont.. its prob all in my mind.. my perceptions.. they are likely skewed by certain problems i have within myself.. so i apologize to any of you that may have taken offense
  4. CD110

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    Having been berated and ridiculed since childhood for being different, I agree 100%. I'd never do the same to anyone, no cycle of abuse here. As for why it happens... it's a messed-up society where ethical integrity and respecting each other don't mean shit. Best thing to do is be a living example of how people should behave toward you and each other, if they had any decency.
  5. youRprecious!

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    People can automatically tend to feel they have a right to judge you because of stuff going on within them, their own low self-esteem, fear, the deceitful desire to control, etc. And someone comes along who, unwittingly, is an easy target to be scapegoated in this manner, but we don't have to allow them to get away with it. the trick is to wise up as to the dynamic that, unfortunately, if people can find any reason whatsoever to consider you a threat in any way at all (that you can be totally oblivious about) - they will. I've had it done to me with devastating consequences - it's been a long, hard climb out of the pit but I've learned a lot about myself in the process, and about human nature in general. In the Bible, there's a verse in the book of Jeremiah which says "the heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it......" - Peoples' hearts can tell them lies which for any number of reasons, they can take to be truth, and in that way deceive themselves. It's a sorry facet of humanity, but I don't think there's many who live out their lives without encountering the phenomenon. In an ideal world, it would not be and we think it should not be - but the truth is we don't live in an ideal world - and we only have the power to choose the right attitude which can be quite difficult to do depending upon the circumstances we're faced with. But there are always options - and the route to wisdom is always open to us to discover what these options are :)
  6. demuredawn

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    while i appreciate your insight, urPrecious... i am very aware of how the world works, that it is not ideal or perfect, and that for some reason those being crucified are the ones that need to be the most perfect in order to display what SHOULD be while taking more crap almost everyday they live.. i know this because its exactly what i do.. what i'm asking.. why is this allowable?? just cuz its the norm?? why should the "norm" be acceptable? why shouldn't we all strive for something more?

    for example.. its the norm that children will on occasion lie to their parents.. however, when this happens.. parents will punish their children.. why? because its not right and its not acceptable behavior and in fact it is detrimental to all involved... any kind of behavior that is harmful or detrimental should not be acceptable, no matter if its the norm or not... just cuz its what we're used to doesn't mean we should just lie down and take it... people are capable of change. i'm not saying we can change everyone... but i'm saying that at least in places like this forum and other places such as this where there are stringent rules and there are people who are fragile, there should be rules that do monitor that and place restrictions on that kind of thing... after all.. this place is for support, other places like this are too, still others are for teaching young children or teenagers.. how then can any of that happen if the people involved crucify each other with words, feel as if its their right to do so, and then just go on like nothing happened .. leaving the "victim" to sit in misery and confusion trying to figure out what they did to deserve what just happened..

    i agree with you CD110, its what i have spent most of my life doing.. "being a living example" .. the problem is.. i have found in this day and age, doing so leads to becoming the target of just about anyone and everyone that has any issue at all, is angry in some way, or just plain old thinks its funny to rip someone apart.. that includes people you think are your friends... i know, its happened to me hundreds of times just in the past 2 yrs... i wish i could say i know of a few people i've taught why its important to act nicely toward others... the truth is though... i haven't.. most of them just learn why its more fun to watch others sit in misery when they themselves are also in misery... its a sad fact of today's society
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