I really dont know

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My life is so messed up my mother got sentenced to 40 years in prison so she is never gonna be in my life, I dropped out of school when I was 15 I just dont know how I am gonna live I have lost all contact with my friends. I have thought about suicide almost everyday for the past 2 years this is the first time ever telling anybody I'm crying so much as I type this thank you for listening I just dont know what I'm gonna do my life has no direction or anything.


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Hi Daniel..I'm sorry to hear about your mother. That must truly make you feel awful. I too dropped out of school at a young age, so I know where you're coming from. How old are you now? Perhaps you could go back and do a course as a mature student?
Take good care of yourself xx


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Well done for telling us this, it cannot have been easy.
Your life can have direction, there are ways to become trained for work.
How old are you may I ask?


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Hello Daniel,

Welcome at SF. You seems to have a very heavy burden to carry. I hope you'll find sharing here will lift some of it. There is time when each day look like one difficult steps after another in a snow storm and it may take a while before you find a shelter, but time heals much and we must carry on until we reach a better place. wish you well and again welcome.

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Hi Daniel you are struggling so much hun Is there anyone you can talk to a relative Is there a crisis line you can phone and just talk to someone a real voice hun it helps. Just know you can pm me anytime okay hun i will listen
Lots of caring people here hun and no judges anyone here Keep posting okay hun let us know how you are doing hugs


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I am sure your granny does not see it that way at all. Once you get better, you'll have plenty of time to make up for 2 years. Take care of your mental and physical health first, the rest will sort itself once those are taken care. Right now you may be too exhausted and confused to see where you wanna go and what you want to do. Be kind to yourself and gave yourself the time to heal, the rest will follow.


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My condolences about your mother. But sounds like you still have an amazing grandma who would be devastated if you left. I know it sounds cliche and I'm not trying to patronize or anything, but you are only 17 so you've got so much of life still left to try and explore. Don't be so quick to count yourself out. You grandma would definitely want to see you heal and be better off in the future. Best wishes to you :).

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I, too, dropped out of school at a young age. I began to regret it at about 17 or 18 and at 19, went back. I don't know where you are, but in the US you'll be able to go for your GED at 18 (just a year away) and many states have adult diploma programs, too. (I actually found going back as an adult easier. There was less drama and not nearly as much pressure to just "get it done with so you can get out". You were able to take as little or as much time with the course as you wanted)

Have you talked to your grandmother about the way you've been feeling? I know that it sounds scary, but it might help. I wish you the best and hope that you're feeling better today.


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You can still get your GED, Daniel.

Tonight, I want you to get some good sleep. Then, you can start thinking about going back to school.

You've also got to care for your grandma. She means a whole lot to you, I can tell. The only way to continue loving her and enjoying her love is by pressing on.
I'm so sorry but I just can't do it, I hit a all time low today my life is so sad, I'm <edit moderator total eclipse method> and I think this is it.
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