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i really feel like doing it.....

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so another 2 weeks from hell all due to my depression and ocd. i have completely had enough! i feel so down. got drunk and ended up in hospital with another overdose suicide attempt...but yet again fail.

sorry for havin a moan jus feels like no1 understands.

if any1 wants t talk send me a pm n ill send u my msn



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Are you on any anti-depressants to help with your depression? If not they can really help.

Since you're new you should hang around for a bit and get to know us:). We're here to help; feel free to vent if you need to.

You can also PM me if want. Take care and stay safe.
thanks for the reply. i half expected ppl t think i was bein stupid n nt reply if im bein honest. i am on anti depressants bt since my od last week they have changed all my meds. xx


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That's what we are all here for, to listen when others are in need. Keep posting, i am more than happy to listen and so would a lot of people here.
All the best :hug:
yeah im not working so they have got me at some kind of therapy for all my diffrernt issues almost every day. different doctors, councellors, youth workers ect.. im not gud at all about talking about feelings or emotions. i jus dnt do feelings in front of people. im actually scared of crying in front of people. so they r trying all different things with me

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