I really hate my friends...

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  1. Pioneer

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    I really can't even consider them friends anymore. Especially that d*ck Alex, f*ckin airhead. So the story is basically this.

    I'm in one of my friends room studying for the GRE and we are trying to memorize some complicated words. Alex is spouting off words and we're trying to come up with definitions. Then Alex spouts of misogynist and says its a word that perfectly describes me. That word means, one who hates women and his idiotic reason for saying something so stupid is because he's never seen me on a date before. Oh and keep in mind that he just had a date with a girl and he's acting pretty f*cking arrogant. But he's an idiot and I should have seen it coming. What I didn't see coming was my ex-friend Jen completely agreeing with him. Seriously do they think I'm gay or something? I've always had problems with women since I have no confidence. My mom, sisters, and their friends have always acted shitty towards me and I've never been the type of guy these young girls liked. I really don't want to deal with them anymore, I don't need them and I don't want to be around them. I'm seriously pissed about this.
  2. Rayne

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    I'm sorry that your friend has been so insensitive. Maybe you could take a few days to yourself and you might feel more up to seeing them after that. Talking about it here was probably the best thing you could have done, that can really help getting some of these issues out of your system so they seem smaller and more manageable. If, however, you continue to feel this way then it might be an idea to start considering moving on to a new group of friends.

    As for your problems with women, they could potentially become a bigger issue than they already are. Have you tried discussing this with a therapist?
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    I understand how you feel. I hate being branded by people as something I'm not. Unfortunately everyone’s conception of me seems to be wrong... No one knows what I'm about, they just assume things about me and perceive me in their own way. And I hate it... They all have this incorrect picture of who I am, I hate it so much