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I really hate myself

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morning rush

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why is it that when people hurt me, I blame myself, I feel guilty and am concerned about their feelings?

this person told me I was a liar and I had a bird brain and other mean things like that, and I was angry I hung up on her...I know I'm not a liar and I know I'm intelligent...but yet at first I thought I'm never talking to this person, but then I feel guilty because this person is sick at the moment...she has no one, well almost no one...

I really hate myself...

total eclipse

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Hun you don't owe t hat person anything if she is being mean to you then you don't have any contact with her okay not until she apologises hugs
Don't feel guilty or hate yourself about that, although I do understand how you can feel that way. I know you're intelligent and a kind person :hug

Like the one Paramore Song "Playing God" goes "next time you point the finger I'll point you to the mirror"... It's her way of projecting her issues on to you, she is unhappy with herself, she may be looking for any little thing to piss her off so she can get upset. Lot's of people do this they go through life looking for reasons to get angry or offended and when they are having a hard time themselves it can certainly cause a problem...

If you want to you could confront her about it tell her that she made you feel angry and bad about yourself when she was being mean to you. Ask her why she did what she did possibly even explain to her about projection, There's a good post on it I made in the soap box forum. She may very well feel bad after the fact. You don't have to condone or forget her behavior just tell her she should be more aware of how her actions effect others and let her know her behavior isn't acceptable as you have your own issues and it hurts you.


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its not your fault hun. and ok shes ill but that doesnt give her the right to be mean to you!

i feel the same giult all the time and really wish i didnt
but remember tomorrow is another day *hugs*
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