I really miss my grandma...

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  1. My grandma recently passed away from a stroke and I really miss her...especially during this time of year...She would always make Christmas Cookies during this time and she taught me to make them..all the secrets and everything...so its so hard for me to make them this year but i feel that its my obligation to make them this year...but at the same time Its really really hard to make them...:(
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    She would want you to be happy and her cookies always made you that. She is still with you in memories Carry on her tradition for her and know she is looking on. take care
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    I think about my grandparents all the time. They were wonderful people. I loved them so much. It's not fair that they are gone now. I hope to see them in heaven :)
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    Holidays are a time we miss loved ones the most. Don't look at making those cookies as an obligation, but as carrying on and passing down a tradition. Your grandmother would be pleased to know you were doing this. Maybe think of the good times you shared with her. Yes, it hurts in that you miss her, but the memories live on and in that sense your grandmother is still here. :hug:
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    I know they feeling :(
    But you've just gotta remember all those good memories you shared and had the chance to spend with her..
    Even though shes not physically here, doesnt mean shes gone forever you know =]
    Shes always with you, in your heart =)
    & that part of you that remembers her will never go =]

    Take care
  6. I guess I said the wrong word when I wrote this... I didnt mean that it was an obligation but that it was just hard to make them. Well, my dad got me a gift that brought me to tears. He got me a Pizzelle Maker(An Italian cookie maker) which looked like the one my grandma had before it broke.... And sure enough, I made some Pizzelles on Christmas! Those are the only cookies I made because I couldnt handle making the other ones..The Cuccidattes...They were too painful to make this year..maybe sometime this year but I couldnt make them this year..I feel bad about not making them but at least I made the other ones...and I did make some of the Biscotti that my grandma made...but Im rambling again, so I will end this with "I LOVE YOU GRANDMA AND I MISS YOU!!"
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