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I really want this to stop....

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I had a hard year with ups and down, I feel so abandoned emocionally I am sick of thinking that thinks will change and that I'll have someone who will love me as I am to hug me and look into my eyes and say everything will be ok just hold on I am here for you and insted I get cooldness. I need encouragment, that I hope to get here even if this sound silly
P.S. I don´t want to kill myself just want to die.
Yeah I know that feeling where you long to be loved and held and to love and hold somebody,I could try and jolly you up and there's someone out there for you but we never know do we. I also know the feeling of wanting to die but not at your own hand,it's living in torment and it ain't much fun really.
Sorry I couldn't offer much other than knowing how you feel.


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We all want to be loved and held but unfortunately it doesn't always happen.. You have to get out and mingle to meet people..I have been locked away for twenty years.. I never leave my bedroom except for the necessities.. So I won't ever meet my true love..I just deal with it..It's not easy..
I do do the same thing, because I am sick of going out with a fake smile on mi face pretending that all is ok and I know that the right person won't come to me I have to search for it 2. Thank's for your support
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