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I really want to end my life. How can I do it?

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My life has fell to pieces recently. My Dad got cancer, I got rejected by a girl i love so so much, not only did I get rejected she just completely ignored me which is worse. But I was thinking to myself this morning, I still do boxing, thats my life, I live for this game, so maybe things arent so bad.

So just to check this morning I rang the Amateur boxing association to see if boxing with bi polar disorder, which I have is ok. Im not allowed any fights. I cant even compete in sport.

I have nothing left to live for. Boxing is all that has been on my mind for 5 years, now im not even allowed to compete.

I so badly want to end my life.
I'm sorry things suck so bad for you right now. I was just thinking this morning that I dont know that I will survive this time either. I have attempted and failed several times. The fact remains, there is no easy, simple, painless way to commit suicide. I have tried a number of ways and experimented with many more. None have been easy and none have given me painless bliss. Maybe God made it this way so people don't use this escape, I don't know. I keep getting told that if I have the guts to commit suicide, I have the guts to stay. I dont even know that I agree, but I do understand where you're coming from and am hanging on by a thread with you.
Your a boxer hey??? That's pretty kool. Tell me this.. To be a boxer you must be pretty darn fit yeah? And to put in all those hard hours of tough training, you'd need a pretty strong mindset yeah?

Don't give up your training. How do you feel mentally when your training? Do you feel awesome?

I wasn't a boxer but I used to train heavily at the gym, I felt so damn good about myself, had energy and had a different outlook on life. Then I lost my job, stopped going to the gym, put on 20kgs and felt like crap.

Whatever you do, don't give up training.

How come you had to ask them about the bipolar rules? Why cant you fight? I'm sure there would be plenty of other fighters out in the world with bipolar but no-one knows about it.

Don't give up!!!!! You have so much to give! I don't know how old you are etc but what about becoming a personal trainer and helping others achieve their fitness goals?? That would be pretty awesome!
Keep going! Press on. I honest can not give you a reason to right now. My fiancée took her life in February. After that I went through even more pressures. Her family and friends blamed me and told me to my face. I was a few months from graduating after years of grueling study. I lost my job. And as of the last three weeks, most of the people that had been helping me through have "gotten tired" of dealing with me. I am alone most days and there is not a day that passes that I do not want to take my own life. I have trained in medicine for a lot of years and could tell you many ways to take your life very painlessly. But I won't. I feel as the future has nothing for me. But, I press on. I try to convince myself this will pass. I'll tell you man, I loved Ava with all my heart and she rejected me for eternity. I don't know how old you are but if you are on this site I would make a guess that somewhere deep inside, you are looking for reasons to live. There are people around you that would suffer so greatly at your loss. That is why I keep going. Ava destroyed in the instant it took to kill herself. I don't want to do the same to another and I am sure you don't either. Keep going till you see the the bs this life can throw at you. I am, barely, but I am. So can you.


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If you want help were here for you. If you want assistance killing yourself thats not in the cards here. Message me if you want to talk
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