I Remember

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    I Remember

    We Were Connected, As One
    And Always Had So Much Fun
    We Always Knew What Another Thought
    Now In A Teary Mess Is Were I'm Caught

    You Were So Smart... You Were Going Somewere
    I Had No Heart And Was Being Very Unfare
    I Tried Suicide With My Fathers Knife
    You Said That Was No Way To Live My Life

    Now I Sit Alone And Think About You
    To Your Memory, I Will Always Be True
    I Look To The Sky, Wonder Were You Are And How Far
    As My Heart Starts To Break... I See A Falling Star

    I Listen To The Beat And Words To Your Song
    I Will Never Really Understand Why You're Gone
    You Left This World, So Now I Shed A Tear
    Will I Be Alone In This World...(that Is My Fear)

    So, Please Remember Like Your Song Says
    We'll Meet In The End In Heaven, My Friend

    I Love You And Always Will
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.