i ruined it.

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  1. i ruined something amazing. i just cant seem to get her back. its all gone this time. it hurts so much. like it physically hurts. everyday i want to cry. i just i cant get over her.
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    Mind if I ask how she is gone? Did you try to push someone you love away? Happening to me too and I am so scared I will lose him. I am here, but not sure for how long... I keep thinking I can't die and I don't have a choice, so it keeps repeating over and over. Whatever your situation, know we are all here to help, please give us an idea as to what happened to bring you here. thank you
  3. we were having problems, and i tried to move on, but she decided she didnt want me to without her knowing. and well she found out and yeah
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    You were diposable to her, so I'd try your best to move on. Most likely the more you try to get her back the more she will pull away.

    There are ton's of entitled princesses these days. Most of them are average women who just see men as disposable and expect special treatment because they're female. Obviously I have no clue if your ex is/was one but the talk about relationships reminded me of this.

    Now don't be thinking i'm sexist.. There are also entitled princes(jerks) out there because I know I was one as a teenager...
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    :hug: to you. Sorry you're a feeling so bad right now. I hope things improve for you.
  6. thanks guys. im just trying to live my life right now