I scream for his help and he just walks away

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    I guess this wouldnt count as venting as much as it counts as complete disapointment and venting that disapointment. I apologize in advance if nothing of this makes any sense. Im just as lost.

    I cant stand how much he plays with me and my feelings. It never matters if I am actually right, any discussion between us results in me being wrong and apologizg. I am so lost and dont understand any of it. Its this awful gray area that hurts me over and over and endlessly lets me down. If he actually cared he would never act like this. He always says he is there for me but when I scream for help, he just walks away.
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    Perhaps it is because he does not know what to do and is feeling overwhelmed himself. Perhaps he is feeling frightened try instead of screaming talk quietly so he has to come closer to listen and he does not feel he has to hide then hugs.
  3. Celebrated Thing

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    Thats a really good point. I never thought about that before and that does deff make sense. Thank you for your help! :biggrin: