i see life, kinda, now

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    Fire is burning still I have to say I dont know how to stay calm, is there my fault? My failure??? I dont know...

    i said light is bright, ive been there for Real! I met a priest for the first time and it WAS bright, still though broken inside.
    But its getting worse, much more... I hate these injektions every 2 weeks am only getting worse, worse!!

    I envy you for being healthy and 'normal', havent been there not ever. Please i need some attention but am not a wh**e.

    i wants you, fix me motherf****r!

    Just so afraid to 'go', but its MY way and i should go, a better life is waiting...

    Then memory is getting worse i could buy one much stronger, not to give up but it is an easier way to be free, maybe with or without you but you know 2 makes a hug better than one:).

    now i will meditate
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  3. LillMy8989

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    Medication time froggy! I know im a total waste and bills keep going on and on up up :(

    Im serious

    on a way to the doctor(private), life is really clear but i just have to find the way out, i wanna live!
    But not like this...
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    Good luck at your doctor's appointment; hope it goes well! ~ Alex