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I should be happy for this trip but...

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*sorry for venting but it's been building and this is the only safe spot*

I really find it does nothing more then stress me out. Part of me just wishes that my other friend could have come instead. At least she would pay for some of the stuff. But no she can't make it, so instead I get to take the one I know won't pay for anything- except for one meal if I'm lucky. I've got a $500 hotel now, gas for a 10 hour one-way trip, and lets not forget food.

It wouldn't be that bad getting the money and paying for everything. Except last year I went with her I spent forever listening to her temper tantrums. "This is my favorite pairing! I wanna get it but I can't afford it!" *cue the hour of crying while I'm trying to continue enjoying the day before just buying it to shut the tears off*

Or "I don't want to se that! I want to go back to my hotel room now!" *since I'm driver I had to say good-bye to the stuff I wanted to see*

This year we have the hotel at the event so if she wants to go cry in the room she can. I'll happliy continue. I've tried to tell her that this year I can't afford to buy her everything to stop her temper tantrums.

I just wish I could look forward to this trip more. But I have last year to rely on, and she still hasn't changed...I'm gettin more and more stressed. I'm in debt already, broke, and when I try to explain this to her (in hopes of getting some help) I just get "Oh that sucks" as a response.

I'm on the edge of a panic attack just over trying to find hotel money. Or we'll be in my car for this trip. I got non-refundable tickets for the event. Besides if I cancel the trip cuz of lack of funds the first time I buy a book or movie that I can easily afford I'll never hear the end of it. Let alone I'll hear forever about that! *grabs hair* I want to cry, but I can't find anyone to cry to without word getting back to her. Hell she still owes me $100 along with the "I'll pay you back for this" which is easily almost $500.

...I know it'll work out somehow. I just don't see how and I got a month and a week left. *screams*

At least I feel a little better venting here...Sorry to have wasted your time with this little rant...

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No waist hun dam i would just be honest with your friend and say i need my money back NOW that you owe me and tell her that you are not her private banker so lay off She is using you hun don't let her get away with that bs okay


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Thanks. Yeah I've already explained to her that I can't buy her everything she wants this time around. Also since we have a room at the same hotel as the event when she starts her tempers I'll gladly hand her the key. I already hinted her to it by sayin "At least having a hotel room there if you get tired you can go back while I can stay out, or vice versa."

Also I just told her this afternoon that at least the $100 is needed for this trip (I really see the rest of it gone forever- lesson learned there, I'm not letting her ever borrow money from me...She's tried and I just play dumb).
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