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    I recently broke up with my ex and are still friends with her. She helps me in school and I help her with her life. I still like her but she doesn't like my like that. I understand that I have to just wait to see if she will like me again or move on completely. I'm trying to do that. But she makes it so hard! lol.

    She just got together with a guy she likes. He's a good guy and one of my friends. I'm a little jealous. I should be happy for her and let her have what she wants. I'm trying to coop but it's not working very well.

    I'm just wondering what I should do now. If there are any tricks or tips that you could give me. A way to coop nicely with this change in events. I'm not really looking for someone new I just figure what will happen with happen.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Wastingecho

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    i actually wouldn't expect you to feel happy - you had something with somebody and now it's over

    since you are still friends, i think the best you can do is feel happy for her if she has moved on with someone - if you can do that you will be able to move on as well

    realize that you may or may not end up together in the end, but don't wait for it - if it is meant to be it will happen

    i think you just need to remain friends but open up your world just a little to let someone else in

    does this make sense?
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    Just from personal experience I find cutting all ties with an ex is the best method. It hurts to see them happy, especially when its not you that can do it. God forbid they invite you to hang out so they can flaunt it front of you. Yeah I am bitter I know. Maybe just stay away from her until you lose all feeling for her. Waiting around for her is just going to rip your heart out more. Especially if your friend is now banging her. Just my two cents.
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    My advice would be to not pin too much hope on this ex-girlfriend of yours. She obviously has no problems moving on with her life, so it's about time you did too. Try to cut down on the contact you have with eachother and don't depend on her too much concerning your school work or other areas. Does she know that you still like her? If she does, you'll only either make her feel very happy or very sad - happy because she may like that you still have a thing for her and enjoy stringing you along and flaunting her new love in front of you (generally feeling as though she can pick you up and put you down as she sees fit); or sad in that she may find herself feeling extremely guilty around you and not be able to enjoy other relationships as much due to the feeling that she is betraying you. I know you want to someday get back with this girl, but for now at least, move on. If not for your own sake then for both of your sakes. You don't want her to turn into a power hungry man-eater and you certainly don't want her to be unhappy.