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I should just give up.

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So over the past month I have been working on improving my appearance and self-confidence. With the main goal of bringing more females into my life. So on another site an online friend told me I should join a mailing list called DoubleYourDating. And so after reading many issues of this mailing list. I am thinking I should just give up. Because basically the man says "If you are not an arrogant jerk of an asshole with one thing on his mind you cannot attract women".

But he is not the only one. I like to challenge the ideas behind this. So on many places I post the question "Why don't girls approach guys". 95% of them say it is because they look for intangible things. And when I say "EXACTLY" so you should go around trying to find guys. They give me some crap that guys should still come to them so they can judge them based on body language. Further more I point out this is just an act for most. Then I hit an epiphany you see most girls are terrified. But even more so most girls do not want to take the blame for mistakes. If a girl gets played SHE wants to blame it on the guy not herself. And if she gets played after picking up on a guy she has no one to blame but herself.

So I think I am going to be giving up on finding females in real life. Maybe I will be so lucky as to meet some online who live in the same general area as me, I don't know.

Sorry for wasting your time with a pointless rant like this.
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