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I shouldn't complain...

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...but why are my work colleagues so reluctant to make jokes about me ( not that i want them to) i'll explain what i mean.

Where i work the employees are seperated into permanant and temporary workers, i use to be a perm but left and came back as a temp, anyway the perms love to take the piss out of the temps...for being temps in a friendly way. when someone makes a joke about temp workers and i'm in their presence either before or after the joke they will say to me and me only " i don't mean you though lee".

Why do they do this?

Do they feel sorry for me? they shouldn't because they don't know enough about me to do so.

Are they scared of me? hardly, i look a bit like a girl and i'm not aggressive, not even a tiny bit in work.

They respect me too much? if this was the case then that means they respect me more than anyone in the warehouse because they take the piss out of everyone, i just can't see that being true.

and i know they know i won't cry about it or make a complaint.

for example today, someone said "when they employ blue arrow staff" he then looked at me and said "this obviously doesn't include you lee" and then made the joke, now to me this sounds like he has made a joke about me in the past and i've reacted badly to it, which isn't true, so now he makes clear that the joke is not about me even though the joke is about a group of people that i'm associated with, maybe i'm just being paranoid and i should be grateful that they arn't making jokes about me, but he is not the only one to do this almost everyone who makes a joke about a group of people i'm associated with make it clear to me that i'm excluded from the joke....

Could it be that these jokes aren't really made in the presence of the temps, and because you are in their presence, they don't want you to feel like you are being made fun of? Perhaps, because you WERE a "perm", they don't feel as if you are actually a part of the "temp" group. Or, it could just be that they see you as being sensitive, and are concerned about upsetting you. Not to say that has happened in the past (as you mentioned), but they could just be worried that it could happen in the future. I don't know, humans are odd creatures. Their intentions are hardly ever clear, and it could be that you are just reading into this a bit too much. I mean, like you said, you don't want them to be making jokes at your expense, soo...it's good that they're not, right?


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well there's loads of ways to go taking that. tbh temps usually take the piss or theirs a "concern" about them not caring about what they do. Like, agency staff, "Oh their polish" "oh they're just here for a paycheck" "oh they dont give a toss about anyone who really works here"

Where as you have worked there, been chummy with the perms, gotten to know them and the way the company works ect. You know, kinda care about what happens there and about the people. Idk I was hired by blue arrow staff, but I didnt get that sorta stuff from perms. Usually if it's at that level, there are loads of temps that come and go, and the perms see it all the time. Where as youve been a perm and know what it's "all about" and cared about your job. Sometimes those jokes are ice breakers. ect...

Id look at it as a matter of respect, and just have fun with it. tbh. That's what Id do. Don't look it as anything else. Atleast I wouldnt.


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Hmmm well I'm a temp at my current workplace, and all the permanent staff seem to treat me well so ja. Maybe they are just bastards, you can change yourself but you cannot change other people.


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Seems they don't see you in the same light they see other "temps." As people have said above, having had the perm status, you're not being lumped in with the temps. They likely don't want to offend you and are just saying that whatever the joke is about the temps, it isn't about you.


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i get what your saying, i too work in a warehouse in the uk and we take the piss out of the temps all the time, its warehouse humour where we all just work together and get on with it, but we don't hide it though.

maybe these guys just don't want you to think they are taking the piss out of you too as you used to be perm.
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